Why recipe creation rocks

Recipe creation is a big part of the smart food business’ content marketing. It engages both new and returning customers and keeps them coming back for more as you increase your authority on specific products or types of cooking increases as well. Besides, your recipes can easily be turned into other types of content such as cooking videos, blogs with themed lists and social media posts.

We are recipe creators

In a nutshell recipe creation requires original ideas, skill and experience. Things our recipe creators have in abundance. So if you just don’t know where to start or recipe development is just not your cup of tea, we gladly work out some new tasty dishes for you to try and share. Always with your products as the star of the show and perfectly aligning with your audience’s needs.

And this is how we work

Recipe creation is a process that consists of research, tasting, tweaking and doing it all over again. First we find out what’s trending (but often we already know) and we explore how to make best use of your ingredients. Afterwards we turn our ideas into real meals, trying the food again and again while fine-tuning the dish until it’s flavors are perfectly balanced. It’s as easy as pie.

Let’s make it visual

Once we wrote down the prep time, cooking time, list of ingredients, methods and nutritional values it’s time to give the dish a face. We’re happy to shoot some mouthwatering pictures of your new low calorie chicken salad, award winning chili or twist on a classic coq au vin. Cool food photography is what makes our recipes tangible – and inspires your audience.

Get in touch

Need some new recipes for your website or maybe even your cookbook? Our recipe creation team is eagerly waiting to dive into the kitchen and try some new stuff. Feel free to contact us and find out what they’ve come up with for your brand.

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