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These small clips made out of a series of still images are a little different than your standard go to videos and photos, drawing attention and racking up some great engagement rates on social media. They’re great for adding the little fun factor to cooking recipes or using your products, making your brand way more entertaining … and memorable.

Animations sell like hot cakes

Food stop motion animations are fun to watch and easy to consume. They typically last a short period of time so viewers are easily engaged all the way through. This means your videos are watched right upon the call to action, allowing for more impactful pay offs. As a bonus, creative and unique stop motion videos are easily shared among peers and thus increasing their reach without any effort from your side.

Motion cooking ideas

Food stop motion videos can be used for just about anything. They’re perfect for demonstrating how to use your products. They can be used to give customers a sense of the needed ingredients for your recipes or to how to build up a burger, for example. Or you can work with this animation style to create a few quirky advertisements that stick like honey barbecue ribs. Endless possibilities.

We create food stop motion animation & videos

At Scrambled we know the game of creating food stop motion animations and videos for food and beverage companies. Our in-house food stylists, art directors, producers, photographers and editors are gladly using their noodles to come up with original and unique ideas for your brand. We develop videos for ads and GIFs to share on Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Facebook. Fast and easy.

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