The benefits of original recipe development

People are constantly searching for new things to try and cook and therefore have a need for new recipe inspiration. However, developing tasty recipes requires culinary experience, skills and an original angle. That’s where we come in.

This is what we do

We create innovative recipes with your products and the preferences of your target audience. From health-conscious salads to indulging comfort food. For families, low carb dieters, bake-aholics and everything in between. Always authentic, beautiful, accessible but above all tasty. 

And this how the cookie crumbles

Our recipe development starts with extensive research. What’s on trend? How can we combine seasonal ingredients with your products? Which colors work best? Who are we developing for? This way we increase the chance of success and virality. We’ll write down some notes, fire up the stove and test things out. Sometimes we need to tweak and we start the process all over. And again. Right until it’s perfect!

Recipe development + visual content

Once we hit the sweet spot in balancing flavors and ingredients it’s time for the next step: create the content. We’ll compose the prep time, cooking time, list of ingredients and methods and accompany your new recipes with stunning food photography and videos. This way you’ll get delicious content to use for your website, ads, social media and blog.

Let’s work together

Our recipe development department is starting to get hungry already so let’s put those culinary superheroes to work now, shall we? Feel free to tell us what kind of recipes you need for your brand and we’ll gladly get back to you with some new and engaging dishes.

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