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With quick footage of foods and recipes getting consumed like crazy on social media and food enthusiasts watching cooking channels 24/7, video is one of the most popular types of content out there. It is inspiring, educational and most importantly it’s fun. If you need to market recipes or products, food video is the way to go. 

Comprehensive and engaging

Food videos enable you to capture each and every aspect of your meal. Literally. From the cutting of ingredients to the dazzling end result on your plate and all in between. Show your kitchen and your chefs. Take some close ups. Set the scene. Include your target audience to make it relatable. Create shots that engage to get shared and ensure maximum reach.

The food video production company

Scrambled is a full service food video production company. With our own studios and kitchens, cabinets full of props and an in-house team of art directors, producers and camera-men we got everything needed to turn your foods and products into snackable content. You worry about the cooking, we’ll take care of the shooting.

But wait, there is more!

Yes, we know how to cook up some tasty images. But we also gained extensive knowledge and experience in how to sell those images perfectly. As with all things food, we like to share so we’re also happy to help you out with some flawless food branding strategy, delightful recipe development or captivating food styling concepts.

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