With foodstyling we’re able to create stunning visual images of your dish. Or simply put, we make people hungry with photos, videos and film.

About foodstyling

Foodstyling is the art of presenting food in a wonderful but above all tasty way. A food stylist arranges everything on the plate with great precision and care so that each ingredient and every topping is displayed and looks perfectly tasty and fresh. This way just pictures of your dish alone will already start causing mouths to water.

Eyes first, stomach later

People eat with their eyes first. So whether you want to make people sit down at your restaurant or wish to promote your recipes, you know that you need some tempting images that will get the juices flowing (pun intended). Don’t worry about that though. Our food stylists have some smart techniques and tricks up their sleeves to help you out.

This is what we do …

Scrambled is the foodstyling company. Our team of creative food stylists knows everything about food preparation. We know how to build up your burger so it stays upright. How to fluff up your pancakes. How to make your glaze sparkle. We know how to let the stars of your dish shine bright. Each and every plate again.

… and more

Styling and preparation are only a part of the game. The dish still has to be captured in mesmerizing pictures. With an in-house team of producers, art directors, photographers, camera-men and editors, our own studios and kitchens and a full stack of props we got that part covered too. Full service. Without the need to tip.

Hungry for more foodstyling? Find yourself a cloth and take a look at our work or get in touch and discover how we turn foods into irresistible images that make your stomach growl.

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