About food photography

Food photography is the art of bringing your dish onto the canvas (or screen!) in the most appealing way possible. Extraordinary pictures of meals make your stomach growl and inspire people to try cooking it themselves. It’s what makes our food photos great assets for your next cookbook, menu or blog. Styled, shot, edited and ready to share on social media. 

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Just shooting some images on your mobile phone isn’t going to cut in anymore. Anyway, not when you need to stand out on Instagram or when you want to get featured on that famous recipe website. You need a professional to accomplish that. And you might be in luck … cause we happen to be a food photography agency that has those expert shutterbugs ready and available.

This how we work

At Scrambled we bring a broad palette of knowledge, skills and experience to the table. Our team will first analyse your dish piece by piece to determine its uniqueness. This way we’re able to find an angle that focuses on those specific features and ingredients that’ll make your dish stick out from the crowd and gain you that oh so sweet competitive edge.

The full service food photography agency

We’re not just photographers though. We’re stylists. Art directors. Producers. Editors. And together we’re a full service food photography company that combines creativity, strategic thinking and your beloved products in enticing visual content that perfectly aligns with your branding. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride on the gravy train.

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Are you ready to make your readers or viewers drool over the sight of your recipes and dishes? We are. Check out our previous work or get in touch and find out how we can help you achieve cinematic food success.

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